Guitar repair and food: the perfect combo (apparently)

I'm not sure what it is about guys who build/repair guitars and cooking but it seems we're pretty awesome at it. Rumor has it I know a thing or two about food so I'll start loading up some info below while waiting for paint to dry on them gee-tars.


Man, this is the GOOD stuff! Perfect for snacking or a potluck but keep it COLD until eating time. The savory of the bacon and the heat of the Chipotle will really surprise folks and they will look at you like you're some kind of culinary freak show.

13x19 baking sheet
double boiler

2 bags Ghiardelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips
3/4 cup coconut oil
1 pack 12 oz. center cut bacon
1 bag  4 oz. sliced almonds
Chipotle pepper
kosher salt
spray coconut oil

1. Slice the bacon into SMALL pieces that will get even SMALLER when you fry them to a crisp (not burnt). Smaller is better to get then bacon distributed throughout the chocolate, getting it into every bite. People have had bacon, they've had chocolate, not many have had them together. You will lead them to paradise. Cook and drain, set to the side.

2. Melt your chips and coconut oil in the double boiler. Add the sliced almonds and bacon when melted. Mix it up good. Don't burn your self. Or anyone else.

3. Spray your 13x9 baking sheet with coconut oil spray and pour your melted chocolate mixture in. Don't spill it! You will be one ball of flaming fury if you do 'cause it is a major pain in the O'Rear to clean up. Ask me how I know. Actually, don't. Use a spatula to make sure the almonds and bacon are spread out evenly through the chocolate once in the baking sheet.

4. LIGHTLY dust the top of the chocolate with your Chipotle pepper. LIGHTLY. Did I mention you should LIGHTLY dust the top? OK! When you eat it, you want to see people's brow all wrinkled up trying to figure out where the tiny bit of heat is coming from. You DO NOT want to see their face burst into flame. Unless it is your Aunt Marge you still hugs you and smell of moth balls. Repeat using kosher salt which comes out in these nice big crystals.

5. Into the freezer! A couple of hours will usually do it. More is better; you don't want to start breaking it up and the middle be all gooey. Once frozen, use some sort of violence to break your giant chipotle bacon almond candy bar into little bite size pieces. Feeds about 25 people if they don't like heat, meat or nuts and 3-4 if they do.