The big news so far this month is that I am now under the tutelage of the talented guitar builder Al Calderone at ARC Guitars in Winters, CA. I figured the best way to understand the workings of acoustic guitars (and thus be better able to repair and restore them) was to go through the process of constructing one from scratch. Soon I'll begin making my own instrument similar to a Martin D28 and you can bet I'll be documenting the build process.

The shop is coming along well. I'm still in the process of moving things from place to place to get it all just right. Probably doesn't help that I keep adding items almost weekly. It is nice to be back in America where the power tools are the same voltage but honestly, the second-hand shops are pretty lame compared to those around Tokyo.

There is no such thing as having too many clamps and every shop needs an amp. Mine just happens to have beverages.


Big news in August: YouTube videos!

You just haven't experienced the full-meal deal of a Rattlecan Restoration without hearing me huff and puff when I babble like an eejit on camera. Check it out by clicking the logo above!

General News and Other Assorted Silliness

Breaking news: I hate my back. OK, maybe not breaking news since I've had back problems for a loooong time. But this month I botched my mid-back muscles so I've had to pause most everything I do (including not one but two air shows) to get healed up. Parts have arrived allowing projects to shift into high gear as soon as I can lift anything more that a cup of coffee and a fistful of bacon and some cool vintage tools have rolled into the shop as well which I'll show you later on.

So I'm not dead, just delayed.

Carry on.

The second-hand shops continue to be very good to me providing a fantastic assortment of vintage Made in the USA tools for the shop to include power drills, saws, sanders and even a 12-inch band saw. I source as many domestically produced tools/parts/etc. as I can find (and afford) as well as purchasing from the mom-and-pop suppliers before the big chain retailers. Sometimes time/circumstances don't afford me the chance to do this, but I try as hard as I can to support our country with my dollars.
September 2015

Well, we've moved again and I've set up the shop again. AGAIN! We're now in Washington Township (Dayton) Ohio. New shop layout, new challenges. For the latest news be sure to like RGR on the Facebook, the Twitter and of course on the Youtubes.
March 2014

Well, we've moved again and I've set up the shop again. Hopefully we'll be done with this silliness for a bit (although I forsee another move in the summer of 2015 to parts unknown).