Mavis Les Paul MIC?

This is an ongoing work in progress. Manufactured for Ishibashi Music as their own in-store brand and marketed as Mavis, likely made in China (MIC) but information is difficult to come by. Price was about $32US. Came to me with the typical amount of grime/scuzz/spooge/goo all over it.

Lots of cleaning with rags, surgical brushes, tooth brushes, compressed air, etc. Got it to this stage:

I like the patina/wear patterns on the pickups, bridge. 

But she has issues; some aren't a big deal, some are. First, she had those mini-pots. Super scratchy and no matter how much I cleaned them they were just not going to cut it. Pickup selector worked but if you sneezed it would move from the up position to the center. Even a little kitten-like sneeze would move it. Pickups sounded good but the switch was loose-goosey. 

So she got all new pots, wiring, switch and jack. Sounds great, holds tuning pretty good and after setting it up plays pretty decent. That's the good news.

She does have a pretty good ding on the back near the edge. The top coat is starting to peel off of it and at the moment I'm letting it be, no idea how far back it will peel if I start tugging on it.

There's another really good ding on the front right on the binding but it is covered by a couple of cool stickers as you see below:

Now for the double-ugly. At some point she was dropped and the headstock broke off at the scarf joint. Some guitar molester glued it back on (functionally but not anywhere close to pretty). You can see it, feel it and the edges of the fret board on either side have some sharp-ish edges on them. In addition the binding has cracked along the fret board in multiple places. From a guitar buyer's perspective it's a "steer clear" guitar but for a guy like me it's great. Lots of cosmetic, electrical and functional issues to deal with in addition to the fact it actually plays pretty well as-is.

So that's where she's at for the moment. My daughter plays it on Rock Smith so until one of the other project guitars is finished this is "her" guitar to play with.