Yamaha Green Label FG-130 MIJ

This is the one that started it all: a Yamaha FG-130 green label I bought at an Asian bazaar for $30-40US. Action was a bit high but there wasn't a big bulge in the top near the bridge so off to the local music store for a set-up she went. They quoted me ¥5000-10000 ($65-130US at that time) and said come back in a week. So I did; not ready. Came back a few days later. Not ready. 2+ weeks later finally back, ¥10000 bill. I did get a new bone nut and she does sounds beautiful and the string action is a little bit better, but honestly I don't know what they did. Welcome to living in Japan and not speaking the language.

She was built in 1972-74 for the Japanese market as an entry-level model: the folk guitar model 130 SN30612. Spruce top, sapele sides and back (similar to mahogany), rosewood fret board and bridge. The area between the pick guard and the neck has a pretty good amount of raised grain, something I've seen in a number of older Yamahas in that particular area. Not sure if it is the seasonal variations over numerous years or what, but it's funny to see it over and over again. Have tried to get more info from the serial number but haven't had much luck. The online Yamaha database doesn't report having this number and when I remember to call (the US number) they're always closed.

So you can blame everything that follows on this one. It's all her fault.