the sample project

I know little to nothing about woodworking in general and specifically species of wood. I ordered a sample pack of domestic and exotic veneers from a company but none were identified. So, using my ability to work a camera like the best trained monkey can, I photographed the pieces in a wide-angle and close-up manner. The results are below. Unless noted, they are as-purchased examples with no work done.

I didn't realize that what felt "smooth" to me was, upon closer examination, often very un-smooth due to the grain of the wood and, thusly, the reason for grain filler.

I'm going to try to identify these, but if you recgnize any of these feel free to shoot me an e-mail with the image number and what you believe it to be and I will update as I'm able. There's a mess of very sharp people prowling the Interwebs (that's you folks) so this should be fun.

01 Spalted maple (sanded to 400 grit)
02 Zebra wood (sanded to 400 grit)
06 walnut

03 Honduran rosewood (sanded to 400 grit)
04 ?Elm, burl Carpathian?
05 Birdseye maple
07 unknown
08 unknown
09 unknown
10 unknown
11 Madagascar rosewood
13 unknown
12 unknown
14 unknown
15 unknown
17 ?Lacewood, silky oak?
16 ash/white oak?
20 unknown
18 unknown
19 unknown
21 unknown
22 unknown
23 unknown
24 unknown
27 birch
25 unknown
26 Canary wood
28 unknown
29 unknown
30 wenge
31 unknown
32 unknown
33 ash/white oak?
34 unknown
35 walnut, burl
36 walnut, burl
37 Birdseye maple
38 unknown
39 unknown
40 unknown
41 unknown
42 unknown
43 unknown