Fender Hardshell Case MIA

OK, not technically a guitar but it IS a restoration and guitar related. I hate gig bags. Like, let's gather them all up and have a huge freaking bon fire hate. If I could have a hardshell case for every guitar I own I would... and I'm working on it. Walking through the local second-hand shop helping a friend buy a short-scale guitar for her kids I run across an UGLY Fender case.

I mean, look at the seams. There's some SERIOUS gooage in there. Loads of metal crusties and some form of life has taken up residence in every nook and cranny of that vinyl. No external Fender logo so it "could" be as early as '64-65?!?!?! The binding on one end of the case was nearly detached but I was pretty sure I could fix it. Price? The sticker said ¥1200. I'm game for $12.50US.

First, there is no shortage of the FUNK of OLD in this thing. It was powerful ugly at first, thank goodness I have enough sense to keep the Febreeze around for just such an emergency. That, combined with a healthy dose of sitting on the patio seemed to temper it a bit.

The pile o' rags used to get the goo off of the exterior.

All the binding on this end was coming off. I cleaned where the old glue was with naptha and a rag to remove any debris that could interfere with the new glue.

Taping off the area I don't want the glue to stick to. No spray adhesive to be found so I opted to go with a very thin coat of Gorilla glue. This glue expands/foams when activated so I protected everything and made sure to make a very thin application. Squeeze-out was minimal, I only had to do a small amount of trimming afterwards.

Rolled-up wax paper was used to put pressure on the seams to ensure a good bond and masking tape provided the pressure. After 3 hours it was all removed and the case cleaned up, final cleaning applied and BOOM! A nice hardshell case for one of the project guitars. Note that I was able to preserve both of the stickers.

Best part of the deal? When I got went up to pay for the case, the guy at the counter informed me that since it was in the "junk" section it was 50% off, so my final price was about $6.25. Oh, and the smell has pretty much left to the point where if I leave it open my cat Reptar sleeps in it.